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Iran: Gallery of bird photos


A selection of bird photographs from Iran, April  2017

Caspian Snowcock (on distant mountain ridge) Pleske's Ground-Jay
Chukar Pleske's Ground-Jay (2)
See-see Partridge Mesopotamian Crow
Striated Heron Grey Hypocolius
Western Reef Egret Wood Lark
Oriental Honey-Buzzard Crested Lark
Oriental Honey-Buzzard (2) Common Chiffchaff
Lammergeier Siberian Chiffchaff
Great Spotted Eagle Green Warbler
Great Thick-knee Clamorous Reed Warbler
Red-wattled Lapwing Upcher's Warbler
Broad-billed Sandpiper Upcher's Warbler (2)
Collared Prantincole Menetries' Warbler
Heuglin's Gull Eastern Rock Nuthatch
Caspian Gull Rufous-tailed Scrub-Robin
Crowned Sandgrouse (flying flock) Isabelline Wheatear
Spotted Owlet Black-eared Wheatear
Indian Roller Pied Wheatear
Pied Kingfisher Pied Wheatear (F)
White-throated Kingfisher Pied < > Black-eared Wheatear
Blue-cheeked Bee-eater Hume's Wheatear
Sind Woodpecker Pale Rockfinch
Sind < > Syrian Woodpecker intergrades Yellow-throated Sparrow
Red-backed Shrike Radde's Accentor
Turkestan Shrike Masked Wagtail
Bay-backed Shrike Desert Finch
Steppe Grey Shrike Rock Bunting
Masked Shrike Ortolan Bunting
  Ortolan Bunting (2)


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