Isabelline Shrike Lanius isabellinus


Isabelline Shrike, Kuwait, Dec 2013

Isabelline Shrike, Kuwait, Dec 2013

'Isabelline Shrike', adult, Jahra Farms, December 2nd 2013

In Kuwait, wintering individuals of the 'Isabelline Shrike' complex are deemed to be near-exclusively of the nominate form isabellinus or 'Daurian Shrike' (see adult male of this form here). In the individual above, the warm brown upperparts are a better match with phoenicuroides or 'Turkestan Shrike' though the lack of a contrasting 'rufous' cap, the rather pale lores, a poorly defined supercilium, a pale base to the bill and the presence of a peachy wash on the underparts arguably make the diagnosis uncertain.

A. R. Dean

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