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'Siberian Chiffchaff' type with 'fulvescens' traits


Powick, Worcestershire, UK, February 2015. Photos Andy Warr

Chiffchaff with 'fulvescens' traits

A. Warr

Two 'Siberian Chiffchaffs', one with 'fulvescens' traits

Two Siberian Chiffchaffs, left-hand individual displaying 'fulvescens' traits

Both individuals plate above show the characteristic 'brown and buff' hues of Siberian Chiffchaff but in the Powick individual note the presence of
distinct yellow tinge in upper eye-ring and the evident yellowish-olive fringes in the visible 'shoulder' area.
Also the distinct pale base to the lower mandible and the cutting edges, though it is as yet unclear whether this is confined to 'fulvescens'.