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Caspian Gull Larus cachinnans

Adult, November 2003, Staffs



Caspian Gull, Staffs, November 2003


Caspian Gull, adult, Staffs, November 2003


S. Nuttall

This individual illustrates just how distinctive some Caspian Gulls can be. The very long and parallel-sided bill, the rather small head with low forehead, the long neck and the long legs create a distinctly unusual, elongated outline (attenuated for and aft), and a characteristic 'snouted' appearance to the head and bill. The head and bill often appear 'too slender' in relation to the body bulk. Large, lanky individuals like this are very probably males, many females being much smaller and shorter-billed, and less immediately obvious on the basis of structure. Note also the dark eye and the rather washed-out flesh colour of the legs.

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