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Caspian Gull Larus cachinnans

Adult, October 2006, West Midlands


Caspian Gull, WMids, October 2006

Caspian Gull, WMids, October 2006

R. Clay

An adult photographed by Roger Clay at Stubbers Green, West Midlands. A large-looking and very long-billed individual, probably a male. It shows well: (a) the rather small head in relation to the body-size; (b) the long rather parallel-sided bill, with a weak gonys set well back from the tip; (c) the weakly-coloured base to the bill, with an olive-yellow hue, a subterminal blackish line and a reddish spot confined to the lower mandible; (d) the small and dark-looking iris set well-forward on the head; (e) the thinly-coloured greyish-flesh legs. In the lower photograph, note the large white 'tongue' extending along the inner web of p10.  In the lower photo, the tips of p9 and p10 are both visible and nearly 'coalesce', creating the impression of a broader band at the extreme tip of p10 than is in fact the case.

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