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Glaucous Gull Larus hyperboreus

First-winter, January 1st 2002


Glaucous Gull, 1W, Warks, January 2002

Glaucous Gull, 1W, Warks, January 2002

J. Judge

Photo by John Judge, Draycote Water, January 2002. A large gull (compare size and bulk with Lesser Black-backs to rear) with a long and robust bill, which is fleshy-pink over 70% of its length with a neatly defined blackish tip. Larger, heavier-bodied and less attenuated than Iceland Gull. Note the pale 'biscuit' buff plumage with neat, wavy, brown feather markings. Primaries pale creamy-buff, the palest part of the plumage and lacking dark markings (see the lower picture which shows the pattern of the spread primaries).

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