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Little Gull Hydrocoloeus minutus

Juvenile/First-winter, Warks, Sept 2007


Little Gull, juv to 1W, Warks, Sept 2007 Little Gull, juv to 1W, Warks, Sept 2007

A. R. Dean

A Little Gull completing the moult from juvenile to first-winter plumage. Note the striking black hind-collar, blackish band across median coverts, dark primary-coverts, and dark outer webs to leading primaries. From some angles, the tail can appear slightly notched, as in the right-hand photo. In this image, with strong back-lighting, a 'ghost' of the upperwing pattern can be seen through the wing (in fact the underwing is basically white, apart from black tips to the outer primaries, as illustrated in the left-hand photo).

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