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Ring-billed Gull Larus delawarensis

Adult, Bredon's Hardwick, Worcestershire, April 9th 2003

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Ring-billed Gull, adult, Worcs, April 2003

A. Warr

Ring-billed Gull shares some similarities with  Common Gull but the size and proportions of Ring-billed Gull are more substantial, with a heavier and rather 'squarer' head-shape and a deeper, blunter and more parallel-sided bill. When seen well the appearance of adults is distinctive:  the mantle is paler grey than Common Gull, the bill is bright yellow or greenish-yellow with a conspicuous black band subterminally, and the iris is strikingly yellow. Immatures are somewhat less obvious and larger individuals need also to be distinguished from immature Herring Gull (e.g. 1W Ring-billed and 2W Herring can be confused by the unwary).

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