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Herring Gull Larus argentatus

Northern argentatus with extensive white in primaries

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Herring Gull with extensive white in primaries

Staffs, December 2003

Herring Gull with extensive white in primaries

Warks, January 2010

A. R. Dean

Nominate race Herring Gulls from northern Scandinavia display more extensive white in the primaries and a proportion have white on the inner web of p9 and/or p10 conjoined with the white mirror near the tip - the so-called 'thayeri-pattern'.. Occasionally, individuals are encountered with such extensive white that a hybrid origin  (with Glaucous Gull) might be suspected. However, when the remaining characters - including a relatively dark shade of grey to the mantle - are fully compatible with argentatus, then individual variation seems a more likely explanation.  Two such individuals are illustrated in the photos here.

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