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Herring Gull Larus argentatus

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Juvenile, August 2007

1cy (first-winter) September 2007

1cy (first-winter) December 2007

2cy (first-winter) in flight, January 2005

2cy (first-summer), June 2007

2cy (1S/2W), September 2006

2cy (second-winter) December 2007

2cy (second winter) December 2012

3cy (2S/3W), June 2006

3cy (2S/3W), August 2010

3cy (third-winter), December 2006

4cy (third-winter), January 2004

4cy (3S/4W), September 2007

Adult, winter plumage, December 2006

Adult, winter plumage, December 2007

Two adults, winter plumage, January 2004

Adult, winter plumage, January 2004

Adult argenteus in flight


Differing timing for loss of winter head-streaking in a pair of Herring Gulls

Herring Gulls with dark mantle and white head: YLG 'lookalikes'


Northern argentatus with extensive white in primaries


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