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Iceland Gull Larus glaucoides

Adult, Warks, November 24 2001


Iceland Gull, adult, Draycote, Warks, November 2001

J. Judge

Photo by John Judge, Draycote Water, Novenber 2001. Iceland Gull is smaller and more delicately proportioned than Glaucous Gull, with a smaller bill and a more attenuated 'rear end' owing to it's long wing-points. In the photo, compare the size and proportions with the surrounding Lesser Black-backed Gulls. Iceland Gull is a very pale-looking species, owing to its combination of grey-and-white plumage with no dark markings (apart from slight brown sullying on the head, as with most large gulls in winter). This individual has a particularly pale grey mantle however. It wintered at Draycote for eight successive seasons up to 2002./3 but did not return at the end of 2003.

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