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Iceland Gull Larus glaucoides

Adult or 4W, Staffs, November 2003


Iceland Gull, adult, Staffs, November 2003

S. Nuttall

Photo by Steve Nuttall, Belvide Reservoir, November 2003. In adult plumage Iceland Gull has all-white head, under-body and flight feathers,  and grey mantle, scapulars and wing-coverts. As the shade of grey is paler than that of e.g. Herring Gull, the overall appearance is decidedly pallid. On this individual, the bill appears to be rather 'washed out' while the primaries appear to show a slight creamy-buff wash compared with the whiter tips to the tertials. These may be photographic artefacts (easily introduced in photos taken in late afternoon light at pre-roost assemblies of gulls) but may indicate that this bird is not quite adult.

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