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 Yellow-legged Gull Larus michahellis

3cy, February 12th 2007, Warwickshire


3cy Yellow-legged Gull, Warks, Feb 2007

A. R. Dean

A 3cy (2W) michahellis in mid-February. Note the complete third generation mantle and scapulars creating a clean, dark grey 'saddle'; the new dark grey median coverts and inner greater coverts but retained brownish lesser and outer greater coverts; and the new innermost tertials. Although there is limited streaking on the head, the basically whitish ground-colour of the head and underbody is evident. In the background (to the rear of the adult argentatus Herring Gull) are two 2W Herring Gulls showing much less advanced moult, with extensive brown streaking on head and more restricted grey in the scapulars and wing-coverts. At this age, the legs of most Yellow-legged Gulls remain predominantly pink. In flight, Yellow-legged Gulls in 2W plumage can recall over-sized 1W Common Gulls.

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