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 Yellow-legged Gull Larus michahellis

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Yellow-legged Gulls, 1cy to Adult (arranged by age and month, rather than by year, to illustrate moult progression).






November 1st 2010, Warks July 5th 2006, Warks February 2nd 2022, WMids January 25th 2017, WMids July 20th 2003, Staffs
  October 27th, 2021, WMids February 12th, 2007, Warks February 10th 2010, Warks July 24th 2013, Warks
  November 14th, 2012, Warks May 26th, 2010, Warks March 14th 2011, Warks August 27th 2004, WMids
  December 2011, Warks July 1st & 3rd 2013, Warks April 1st 2011, Warks September 27th, 2013
    July 6th 2005, Warks   October 3rd 2005, WMids
  2cy  3cy July 13th - 29th, 2016, WMids   October 22nd 2008, Warks
    July 18th 2004, WMids   October 27th 2008, Warks
  Nov 2015 - March 2016, WMids July 20th 2004, WMids   December 5th 2008, Warks
    August 11th 2004, WMids   December 6th 2005, WMids
    August 13th 2010, Warks   December 22nd 2011, Warks
    September 1st 2010, Warks   December 22nd 1990, Worcs
    October 27th 2008, Warks   January 27th 2017, Warks
    November 1st 2010, Warks    
    December 29th 2008, WMids    


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Ageing of sub-adults is guided by studies of an individual Yellow-legged Gull which first appeared at Kingsbury Water Park in January 2010. It was then just into its 3cy (and in characteristic 2W plumage) and remained until April 2011, in its 4cy and having undergone a complete moult into 3W plumage during summer/autumn 2010. It has returned and undergone its complete moult in each year since, generally arriving in mid-July and departing in late January. Thus, it has been possible to track and document its appearance in its 3cy, 4cy and subsequently. See:

Studies of an individual Yellow-legged Gull: a photographic essay


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