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Lesser Black-backed Gull Larus fuscus

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Photo Gallery Index

Juvenile, West Midlands, August 2014

Juvenile, in flight, West Midlands, July 2022

1cy (first-winter), Warks, December 2006

2cy, West Midlands, April 2010

2cy (1S to 2W), Warks, September 2007

2cy, West Midlands Sept 2019

3cy (second winter), January 2017

3cy (second-winter), West Midlands, February 2016

3cy (second-summer), West Midlands, May 2016

3cy (second-summer), Warks, July 2008

3cy (third-winter), Warks, November 2023

Adult winter, WMids, November 2017

Adult winter, Warks, December 2004

Adult winter, West Midlands, December 2005

Adult winter, West Midlands, January 2017

Adult winter alongside adult winter Herring Gull, West Midlands, January 2017

Adult summer, West Midlands, March 2011

Adult summer, presumed pair, West Midlands, March 2022

Adult summer, West Midlands, April 2005

Adult winter (wing-pattern), West Midlands, April 2019

Adult summer, West Midlands, May 2016

Adult summer, West Midlands, July 2008

2cy (second-winter) intermedius, Warks, November 2009

3cy (third-winter) intermedius, West Midlands, August 2004

Adult, presumed intermedius, Worcs, January 1997

Adult, presumed intermedius, West Midlands, September 2003

Adult, presumed intermedius, West Midlands, September 2009

Adult, presumed intermedius, West Midlands, August 2010

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